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It is the absolute worst when you are going on a trip to Disney World parks and you and the kiddos are so excited but you have to wait for 30+ mins standing in a line just to simply enter the park. Disney parks tend to be crazy busy and they will have not only a security line but also an entrance gate plus purchasing tickets line if you haven’t already purchased ahead of time.

What a lot of guests don’t know is that there are a couple of hidden entrances that some visitors aren’t aware of and the lines at these entrances tend to be far less busy and you get through the lines much much quicker.

Today that is what we are going to be discussing. I’ll be sharing your guide to secret entrances at Disney Parks with all the magic secret entrances and a few tips for avoiding the lines in general.

First, we’ll start with a couple of pro tips that will simply help you get through the line much quicker whether you are using a standard or secret entrance!

Avoid the crowds

As you walk up to the gates assess all of the lines and see which is the shortest and is moving the quickest. Often times the middle section is the busiest and the lines are shorter on either the right or left ends of the gates.

Have your bags ready

You will need to go through security no matter where you enter so be sure that you are prepared and have your bag open and ready to be gone through before you get up the security lines. This will ultimately save you time and help out everyone in the line.

Avoid strollers

If at all possible try to avoid lines that have a lot or any strollers if you can. Because strollers are big and bulky they take a bit of time to get through the gates, of course, if you go through a standard line you’ll move much quicker- no secret entrances needed for this tip!


International Gateway

International Gateway is located at the back of the park and a lot of guests don’t know that you can enter there. It’s easily accessed especially if you are staying at one of the resorts on Epcot property. This entrance is almost always EMPTY which means you walk right into the park.


Contemporary Resort

This one is limited to those staying at Magic Kingdom Contemporary resort but if this is you, you will certainly want to keep it in mind! There is a walkway coming from the contemporary resort straight to entering Magic Kingdom. This entrance tends to be super quick because it is limited to particular guests.


Rain Forest Cafe

If you enter through the Animal Kingdom Rain Forest Cafe then you have a leg up on everyone. You don’t even have to dine at the cafe but simply enter through their doors and walk through the gift shop, after leaving the gift shop you will see there is a turnstile that will take you directly to Animal Kingdom. This is certainly a road less traveled and will get you into the park much quicker than the standard entrance.