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The Natural Light Portrait Book

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  • Award-winning photography Scott Kelby teaches you exactly how to shoot and edit gorgeous natural light portraits. Scott shares all his secrets and time-tested techniques, as he discusses everything from his essential go-to portrait gear to camera settings to the portrait photography techniques you need to create absolutely stunning images.
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From window light to taming harsh outdoor light, from the tools and accessories you need to capture beautiful portraits in any lighting condition, Scott has got you covered.

Among many other topics, you’ll learn:

    • The secrets to getting super-sharp portraits every time without breaking a sweat.
    • Exactly which camera settings work best for natural light portraits (and which ones you should avoid).
    • How to create separation with a silky smooth, out-of-focus background no matter which lens you have.
    • How to tame even the harshest light and turn it to your advantage to create soft, beautiful, wrapping light.
    • Which lenses will get you the best results and why.