The Interior Design Handbook


A perfect book for those who want to learn more about designing a space. It has details which I find helpful to understand interiors better.
The quality is amazing too.


The Interior Design Handbook: Furnish, Decorate, and Style Your Space

The new comprehensive bible of ;interior ;design, from a home styling guru who has coached an entire Scandinavian generation in the art of creating a harmonious home. Frida Ramstedt ;believes in thinking about ;how ;we decorate, rather than focusing on what we decorate with. We know more today than ever before about ;design ;trends, furniture, and knickknacks, and now Frida familiarizes readers with the basic principles behind ;interior ;and styling—what looks good and, most of all, why it looks good. The Interior Design Handbook teaches you general rules of thumb—like what the golden ratio and the golden spiral are, the proper size for a coffee table in relation to your sofa, the optimal height to hang lighting fixtures, and the best ways to use a mood board—complete with helpful illustrations. Use The Interior Design Handbook to achieve a balanced, beautiful home no matter where you live or what your style is.


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