The Complete Instant Pot Recipe Book


1500 Easy, Affordable & Tasty Instant Pot Recipes for Beginners and Advanced Users to Create Holiday & Everyday Cuisines.

Instant Pot is a versatile and “miracle” cooking pot. It is a great kitchen appliance for busy people with the merits of saving more time, more energy and more money. With the Instant Pot, how do we make good use of it to make delicious food? Don’t worry, the value of our Cookbook for Instant Pot comes in handy.


● 1500 Delectable Recipes

This cookbook contains the different categories of recipes, including breakfast, snacks and appetizers, beans, grains, fish, poultry, soups, vegetables, desserts, etc. These different types of recipes will make your cooking life less monotonous!

● Friendly to Green Hand

The operation steps of the Instant Pot are explained clearly and compactly in this cookbook, and each recipe in this cookbook also has the detailed cooking steps, so you don’t worry about the operation!

● Common and Easy-to-Find Ingredients

The ingredients in each recipe are common and most of them are cheap and can be purchased in local store or supermarket, and with the detailed amount of each ingredient, you only need to follow the cooking steps to easily make a delicious dish!

● Perfect 4-Week Meal Plan

There are more choices for you to make your day’s meal on account of the diverse categories of the recipes. There is also a meal plan with reference value attached at the end of this cookbook, you can also make your one-day meals according to this monthly plan.

The wonderful and amazing cookbook plus the smart, time-saving and easy-to-operate Instant Pot, you will have a perfect combination to perfect your diet life, which is benefit for your culinary growth!


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