The book on ‘Principles and Practices of Banking’, introduces the current and aspiring banking and finance professionals to a wide, yet highly pertinent, array of banking services, products and operations, the knowledge of which will be imperative to function as a competent professional. The contents of the book are aptly divided into four modules constituting the core pillars of professional knowledge in the subject, namely


Principles & Practices of Banking” is a term used to describe the fundamental concepts and guidelines that govern the banking industry. These principles and practices ensure the proper functioning, stability, and ethical conduct of banks and other financial institutions. Below are some key principles and practices commonly associated with banking Safety and Soundness: Banks must operate in a safe and secure manner, maintaining adequate capital, liquidity, and risk management practices to protect depositors’ funds and maintain financial stability. Customer Focus: Banks should prioritize the interests of their customers and provide them with high-quality, transparent, and fair services and products.


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