Paper Folding Origami Book


This book is really nice. You get to learn new things. It is specially good for teachers who are teaching animals then they can make a duck. Or insects, make a butterfly


Paper Folding Origami Book 2 with Illustrated Printed Origami Sheets, 64 Pages

‘Paper Folding – Part 2’ – a good introduction to anyone interested in exploring origami. An introduction to basic folds clearly illustrated and easy-to-follow instructions help in the mental development of children as they become creative.

• Perfect for ages 4-10

• Kid-friendly content

• 48 pages

• Expressive images

• Clear-cut step-by-step instructions

• Stimulates thinking, reasoning, and creative skills

Based on the Japanese art Origami, this bookallows children to make model of birds, animals etc. with coloured or printed paper. They can play with them or gift them.

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