Origami Book for Beginners


This book is a useful starting point for fans of all ages and abilities. Although this book is aimed at origami beginners, it contains projects suitable for origami fans of all ages and abilities and is the perfect book for all those who enjoy making things with their hands!


Origami Book for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Introduction to the Japanese Art of Paper Folding for Kids & Adults: 1 (Origami Books for Beginners)

Make traditional, simple, and fun papercraft models with this easy origami book! The ancient art of origami originated in Japan, where it is steeped in traditional values. The models presented in this series include many with strong symbolic meanings, such as the carp, the frog, and the crane, which symbolize longevity, good luck, and perseverance. There is a more playful side to origami as well: the stylized paper sumo wrestler with realistic moves has entertained Japanese children for centuries, and the paper samurai hat is a favorite of kids. This book contains 16 fun and unique origami models for you to get started on an exciting origami journey!In addition, you’ll discover: Classic and contemporary models―Try your hand at recognizable models like heart and sailboat, as well as original designs like ninja star and samurai helmet. Tips and techniques―Pay attention to tips that help you select the right paper, work through tough steps, and add your own creative twist. Symbol glossary―Find a comprehensive guide to standard origami symbols, as well as helpful info on how to read origami diagrams. And much, much more! Origami is an ideal activity for children since paper folding develops dexterity and creativity. Origami is also a craft based on a few fundamental 3D folding techniques.


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