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Home Improvement Tips and Tricks

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  • Searching for a house or apartment is difficult enough on its own; transforming it into your home is an entirely different story. Home Improvement Tips and Tricks aims to give you the know-how to decorate while staying within your budget, all presented in an engaging and approachable way.
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Step-by-Step Projects from a Successful and Sassy Interior Designer!

Each project is accompanied by a list of tools and materials needed, along with step-by-step instructions.

Salway’s wit and playful personality shine through as she shares her tried-and-true advice to describe the journey of renovating and redecorating not only her two-bedroom Williamsburg apartment but also the upstate New York farmhouse bought as a major fixer-upper.

Some of Christina’s greatest lessons include:

  • Colors you shouldn’t paint your apartment, even if you like wearing them
  • Where to look, when to haggle, and how to spot a diamond in the rough
  • How to revitalize your kitchen on a budget
  • Your shower curtain shouldn’t reflect your personality and other helpful bathroom hints
  • How to install a dimmer switch