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Designated as a National Heritage Area, Hudson Valley is steeped in history and natural beauty. Although we went during the winter months on this trip (which isn’t as pretty), I have been to Hudson Valley in the summer and it is a beautiful area. Trees, rivers and lakes are abundant. My next trip there will be in the fall to see the foliage and fall scenery. I had a business trip in New York City so we planned on going a few days early and visit outside of the city.

The historic sites located in the Hudson Valley are Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library, Museum and Home, West Point, Rockefeller estate, Vanderbilt Mansion and many more. There are also golf courses, thousands of miles of hiking trails, fishing streams, lakes and rivers and more.

The Hudson valley is in close proximity to New York City. We flew into JFK and rented a car and drove to New burgh which took about 1.5 hours. The reason I chose New burgh is because it’s close to FDR library, a motorcycle museum and the CIA. I also do a lot of renting of homes on my trips Airbnb, VRBO, Tripadvisor etc.

I found a home at the last minute that was available and inexpensive. I normally book my homes months in advance but it just wasn’t working out this time. My husband and I were both sick and we weren’t sure we would be going on our trip, so I waited til the day before to book our stay. Thankfully, winter isn’t their busy season so it was very easy to find a place. If you are going anywhere during a busy season, make sure to book way in advance!

Like I mentioned earlier, my husband and I were in Hudson Valley during the winter, but I just had to show you what the area looks like when fall rolls around! Isn’t it drop dead gorgeous? I didn’t take this photo, but I plan on going back in the fall to make sure that I get one as close to it as possible!

Years ago I heard about Mohonk Mountain House while reading about it and it instantly became an item on my bucket list. The first time I got to visit Hudson Valley, I made my husband promise that we could stay there – even if it was just for one night!

He kept his promise and we were able to experience this beautiful, all-inclusive resort! It is very expensive, and we just stayed the one night. They do allow earlier check-ins and a later checkout, though, so we got to spend two full days there with a one night stay.

The resort is meant to encourage you to take advantage of the gorgeous facilities and outdoor amenities in the area, so the rooms are fairly small and very cozy. There is a great spa, horseback riding, hiking, and even ice skating in the winter. I have to say, the food wasn’t as great as you would expect, but we did have a great time while we were there! Just don’t plan on the best tasting food.

The images shared above are of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library, museum and home. It was very interesting! We spent several hours there touring all of it. I highly recommend visiting there if you are in the area.