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How To Make A Toy Car.

Making toy cars is a fun and easy project that you can do at home. It’s also a fun activity where you can bond with your children or get in touch with your inner child. You most likely have all the materials you need lying around the house already. Instead of buying a new toy car, consider making your own.

Making a Car with a Plastic Bottle


Clean the plastic bottle.

Take the label off the bottle. Let the bottle soak in hot water and dish soap for ten minutes. This will make it easier to remove any residue left on the bottle as well as cleaning off any bacteria.

Drill the two holes into each side of the bottle.

These holes will be where the axles will go. The holes should be parallel with each other.

Find your axles.

You can use a variety of objects for your axles: straws, sticks, toothpicks, or wire (like that from a wire hanger), etc. If the object is long, like a pencil, then you will only need two pieces. If it is short, like a toothpick, then you will need four pieces.

Gather four bottle caps.

You will use these caps as your wheels.

Paint the car and wheels.

You can paint the outside of the bottle and the wheels. It’s easier to paint bottle and bottle caps before you fully assemble the car.

Place the axles into the plastic bottle.

Depending on the material you chose, this might be two or four axles. For a longer object, run the axle all the way through the set of holes on the other side. For a shorter object, like a toothpick, place one in each hole.

Drill a hole into the lid.

Knot a string and then thread it through the lid. Make sure the knot is on the inside of the lid. Screw the lid onto the plastic bottle.

Cut the top of the bottle to make a windshield.

Using a sharp object like a box cutter, cut a rectangle or square into the top of the bottle. Only cut three sides of the shape so that you can fold it up. Cut it so that when you flip it up the windshield faces the lid of the bottle.

Drill a hole through each of the four plastic lids.

Using a drill or sharp object, create a hole in the center of the lids.

Place the bottle caps onto the axles of the car.

Run the axles through the holes you drilled in the bottle caps. See how the car sits. If the lids are too big or too small, then the car may not move. Have the top of the lids face the car so that it has more stability.

Use the string to pull the car.

If you don’t want to use the string, then you can push the car to make it move.