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Best Photography Locations in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a destination that has some of the most photogenic architecture I’ve ever seen. And it’s not just the landmarks, it’s pretty much every building that you walk past. Amsterdam is also the kind of city where you’ll be guaranteed to capture some good shots, whether it’s a unique perspective or something classic. Below you will find some of my top suggestions for Instagrammable photo spots you shouldn’t miss during your visit. You’ll also find a link to the spot on Google Maps, the best time to take pictures and if the location is free or not.

Corner of Sint Olofssteeg

The corner of Sint Olofssteeg provides a unique perspective of the canals and typical Amsterdam architecture. This spot is a bit different from most around the city as there is no sidewalk around the buildings.

‎Bridges at Leidsegracht and Keizersgracht Intersections

Probably my favourite spot in Amsterdam to take photographs is the bridges where Leidsegracht and Keizersgracht meet. It makes for a great spot to capture light trails of boats going past, such as seen below and in the first photograph above. The bridges also have a ring of lights around them which looks great at night.

One such enchanting spot is right here in my own backyard! I love Amsterdam, and especially its stunning canals. Built during the city’s Golden Age in the 17th century, the canals form a concentric belt around the city centre. The canals (more than 100 kilometers long and crossed by more than a thousand bridges!) and the gorgeous houses that line them are now one of the city’s prime attractions (and may soon be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site). Whenever I have friends visiting, I always take them out for a walking tour around the canals or hire a boat (a must-do in the summer!) for a leisurely canal cruise.

Groenburgwal towards Zuiderkerk Church

Along the Groenburgwal canal, you’ll get a great perspective towards the Zuiderkerk Church. My picture below isn’t the best as it was a little late, so I would recommend checking this spot during the day too.

Corner of Kalkmarkt and Binnenkant

For perfect Amsterdam architecture and potential reflections head to the corner of Kalkmarkt and Binnenkant. I felt this corner is a great representation of the city.


The Damrak is the most famous spot in Amsterdam for taking pictures and has some of the funkiest looking buildings such as seen below. You can come here anytime to take photographs, but I did find it looked a lot better during the blue hour/night.


The Rijksmuseum is a classic spot and in the winter you’ll find a skating rink, perfect for capturing wintery images. There also used to be a sign that was very popular for selfies, but has since been removed. If there’s no wind you may also get perfect reflections in the water feature.

Carpark near Bloemenmarkt

One of the best high vantage points of the city is from a car park that you’ll find near the Bloemenmarkt. You’ll find the exact location via the link below. I came here at night but it would probably be a good spot for sunset, the blue hour and maybe even sunrise if it’s open.

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