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Amazing Architecture Ideas Torre de Collserola is a uniquely designed tower.


The Collserola Tower is the broadcast communications tower worked in the mountains of Collserola, on the slope Vilana, on the event of the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992.

It was structured by English engineer Norman Foster as a team with the organization Ove Arup and Partners, after her undertaking won a limited assembled by the City of Barcelona in 1988.

With its 288 meters high, is the tallest structure in the city. Got operational in the spring of 1992.

The Collserola Tower is the center point of media communications in Catalonia, for the Tower goes for 100% of the Television and 95% of radio we hear in Barcelona and its metropolitan territory. It is additionally the point of convergence of the whole system of Catalonia.

The advertiser of the venture and current proprietor is the organization Collserola Tower whose investors are Telefonica of Spain, SA with a 30.40%; Retevision SA with a 41.75%, I Telecomunicacions Center on Information Technologies of the Generalitat de Catalunya with a 22.85% and the Metropolitan Transportation under 5%. One may state that is the aftereffect of joint endeavors of the significant radio administrators in the nation and with the portrayal.

The thought

Since it was the neighborhood government who approved a solitary correspondences tower on the Collserola mountain extend, two significant players (Telefónica and TVE) were gotten to build up a joint undertaking. Together with the Barcelona City Council, these two companiesdefined the task’s fundamental parameters, which likewise incorporated an open survey stage as required by the neighborhood organization.

The offering procedure

When the starter plans were created in November 1987, Torre de Collserola, S.A. was built up and declared a plan BIDDING PROCESS among globally prestigious originators so as to pick the best venture to create. Four top notch ventures with incredibly differing arrangements from increasingly exemplary towers to fundamentally inventive proposition were introduced in March 1988.

The venture

The offer was at long last granted to the proposition by modeler Norman Foster, which concentrated on a streamlined plan, advancement, the adaption of the structure to the scene and a negligible visual contact with acable-stayed tower including enormous overhanging stages. Cultivate’s plan consolidated a previously progressed auxiliary figuring because of his coordinated effort with the Ove Arup designing firm.


Considering the potential outcomes offered by the triumphant undertaking, another format of the plan criteria was drawn up and the organization shaped a Technical Commission made out of delegates from the accomplice organizations, who occasionally met with the individuals from the Design Team, which incorporated the engineering and basic venture chiefs (Foster and Arup).

The essential plan that was introduced for the necessary structure permit in February 1989 was at that point the aftereffect of a joint effortsby clients, originators and basic experts who, as indicated by Norman Foster, were emblematically spoken to in the three outspread arms that bolstered every stage.

Designer Norman Foster characterized it as “another image for the city, a pinnacle that holds fast yet adjusts to every minute and changes with each new perspectiv.


In the tenth of the thirteen stories of the pinnacle are available to the open a look from where you can see a totally different point of view of the city and encompassing zone. From the perspective we can appreciate a perspective on the city to 560 meters above ocean level and if climate conditions are acceptable you can see the Pyrenees.