SAINLAK Inc. engages in the business of Wholesale Distribution, Importation and Manufacturing food products.

As a distributor, SAINLAK provides/shares its 400 retail accounts of major business partners to local and overseas clients who have products that addresses a need.

SAINLAK also manufactures its own herbal tea products with a registered Brand, “Green Forest”.

SAINLAK Inc. was established in November 2016 and started its operation in January 2017. The main purpose of the establishment is to cater the needs of the growing and hungry Philippine market.

Although, the company is young, it successfully acquired all 200 retail accounts of HSK East Corporation, which manufactured and sold herbal teas for more than 2 decades in the Philippines. Today, it grew from 200 to 400 accounts merely in 2 months and it is still growing.

HSK East Corporation was a joint venture between Japanese and Filipino professionals and was established in 1995. The tea brand “Green Forest” was also created in 1995 and started distributing their first product, “Green Forest Banaba Herbal Tea” in the same year. Not just local market, the company also exported raw materials to Japan and Korea.

Sainlak Inc. then has took over the management of HSK East Corporation.